Welcome to Unto Winnipeg

Unto Winnipeg is a personal project, a rebellion against negativity, and a documented journey of happiness and inspiration. Each week, local blogger and Creative Communications student Brina Gervais will volunteer at a new nonprofit. She’ll report back on the people she meets, the missions of the nonprofits she helps, and how continually immersing herself in a progressive environment affects her well-being. There are no limitations on where she’ll go. There are no places too niche. There are no places too well-known.

The aim of Unto Winnipeg is to open a discussion about Winnipeg’s nonprofits, and to highlight the experience of being a part of their teams. Being passionate about her hometown, Brina wants to give back to the community she believes has been incredibly been kind unto herself.

See her progress so far.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Unto Winnipeg

  1. Gervais Fanboi

    Hey I came across this site while searching for Ricky Gervais material and was surprised this came up locally. I must admit the format and idea is brilliant. Brina, the comedy between you and that mexican guy in the comment section. You two should do a joint blog and work together.



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